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Ricardo Berm˙dez-Otero

Linguistics and English Language, University of Manchester









Teaching and supervision


se crŠft ­Šs lareowdomes bi­ crŠft ealra crŠfta

King Alfred, CP I.25.17


   PhD supervision



I am particularly interested in supervising research in the following areas:

  • phonological and morphological theory, specially the morphosyntax-phonology and phonology-phonetics interfaces;

  • diachronic phonology and morphology;

  • phonological and morphological issues in English (from prehistoric times to the present) and Spanish.

My past and present doctoral students include:

You can follow their exploits on Manchet. See the following posts:

I have also served, among others, on the following dissertation committees:


   Office hours


By appointment.

Room NG.4, Samuel Alexander Building.



































































































































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